Artist Statement

*07.15.2022 5:46AM*
Old Sketchbooks (2010-Present): • Stop obsessing over the archive •Print out more photos/”digital painting” •Shitty Guitar Pedals •”Tabletop Artist” •There’s no pressure on lame ideas– they are an open terrain •Arte-Povera •Make Zines again •”Rock Posters” •Get back to a sculpture practice •Name all of the art you produce •Low Stakes Art • Post-twee; mine the cheesiness • Turn down the distractions – nurture your creativity •Document your process – post doodles, unfinished projects, etc •Are‑Bure‑Boke

*05.22.2021 11:43AM*
Want to make art that does not insist on your full attention.

*04.10.2021 08:03PM*
Setting up a system: • Mirror • Echo • Ant farm • Model Train • Veggie Burger

*01.16.2021 1:46PM*
Five-year anniversary of this tweet:
Gil G @olddenews Bought a synth for no good reason. 3:15 PM Jan 16, 2016 • Twitter for iPhone

*01.03.2021 10:18AM*
Electronic music person that draws sometimes.

*10.12.2020 02:47PM*
In a studio with blue painted plywood flooring. It makes anything look like art.

*9.7.2020 12:38PM*
Deleted my tumblr (2011-2016) — a relationship w/ the web thatdoesn’t exist anymore.

*7.14.2020 08:21PM*
Updating my site as a way to loop back around to having an art practice outside of being obsessed with electronic music gear. I’ve been watching lots of movies on STARZ which may be a good north star.

flatbed scan of iphone with snoopy case and a postit

*7.26.2015 10:00PM*
ran into a wall for a second — was putting out these pamphlets. stopped trying to call a vibe. now I just take dslr photos.

*4.6.2011 11:00AM*
a brooklyn-based publisher who is into doing the same thing over and over again until it goes from being boring to being funny to being pathetic to being funny again? maybe? — Used to be really obsessed with drawing and the internet now is just hyped on the internet […] Still draw sometimes, but more and more is getting into like “one-liner” or “?far-side?” art; don’t know where that will lead- also into being a painter sometimes wishes he could make big sculpture again.

*Circa 2011*
think via materials
don’t try to be clever
distrust what comes easily
plan for the possibility that your work will be damaged/lost/sold/given away
a work is finished what you can talk clearly about it

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